NOSS is a collection of 5000 3D animated PFP's.

What is NOSS

But more than just a PFP we are a community of builders who not only look to help out each other but we strive to make WEB3 a better place for all. Making onboarding easier. making alpha delivery easier are just a few of the goals we wish to tackle

Phera Mone is a first of it's kind discord bot that helps onboard new members by utilizing Cross-community giveaways/games for prizes.
We are currently in over 80 discord servers.

Grow your community with Phera Mone

With Phera Mone
- Members win NFT's/crypto
- Founders gain new members
- NOSS gets recognition.
Phera is in over 80 discord servers.

The NOSS NFT Difference

NOSS NFT goes above and beyond the standard NFT offering. Our customized bots and tools are built specifically for your project to help you succeed.

We also offer technical support and can do bot setups if needed

Join our discord if you have any questions or submit a question below!

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